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Following the establishment of the RAF station in 1937, service burials took place at Cranfield ( SS Peter and Paul) Churchyard until late 1940 when the RAF established a new regional plot at Kempston Rural Cemetery.

Eleven airmen from this period are buried here. Their names are :

Pilot Officer David Shine RAF, of Tipperary, Died March 22nd 1939 Aged 19 Years.  
note: his headstone is of non-standard pattern with raised stone surround and is located in front and to the left of the main RAF group.
Pilot of Blenheim L1262 (Mk1) of 62 Squadron, based at Cranfield, which crashed at Cranford, near Kettering, when control was lost in a hailstorm. He had trained at Sywell and with 8FTS, and was the first airman to be buried here following establishment of the nearby RAF Station in 1937. Also killed were Sergeant John Wiles of Leeds, and Aircraftman Frederick  Lewis of Woolwich.

Pilot Officer William Kinane (of Australia). 11th August 1939, age 21.
Pilot of Battle K9328 of 218 Sqdn. (Boscombe Down) which struck a pylon and near Carlton, Beds.
- see Aircraft Crashes Around Turvey 1939-45

41512 Pilot Officer Thomas R. Williams (of Canada), Pilot. 28th November 1939, age 21. Son of Robert Rowland and Gladys M Jacques Williams, of Ottowa, Ontario, Canada. Row E5. Grave 21.
Killed when Battle L7279 of 207 Sqn (Cranfield), crashed at Bassingbourn, Cambs.
RAF Form 1180 notes : Cat W (no fire). Circuits & Landings. 1st night on type. EF after take-off – fuel shortage (mishandling). 1st night in type … (can’t read) dusk landings … (can’t read). Lost height when well clear of aerodrome, crashed after stalling. 1st night flight since 8/5/39.
Williams T R P/O (SSC commission) 41512. Date of Wings 27.4.39 (7 months since). Trained at Desford & 11 FTS. 

754143 Sgt. Robert S. C. Lawson, Pilot U/T. 10th June 1940, age 20. Son of William Low Lawson and Eva Lawson, of Harrow, Middlesex. Row E5. Grave 23.
Pilot of Oxford N4638 of 14 FTS, which collided with Harvard P5811 of 14 FTS, near Bozeat, Northants. 
14 FTS ORB notes : 10/6/40 Bozeat. Harvard P5811, 1754575 Sgt Lefaux (Pilot) + 745098 Sgt Follows (passenger), and Oxford N4638, 754143 Sgt Lawson + Sgt Ashley (passenger), collided in the air. All four occupants fatally injured. The aircraft were flying in formation although not authorised to do so.

754575 Sgt. John M. Lefeaux, Pilot U/T. 10th June 1940, age 26. Son of Ernest Lefeaux and of Alice Lefeaux, of Eltham, London. Row E5. Grave 22.
Pilot of Harvard P5811 of 14 FTS, which collided with Oxford N4638 of 14 FTS, near Bozeat.  See above.

742084 Sgt. Stanley T. Newcombe, Pilot. 9th August 1940, age 23. Son of John Thomas Newcombe and Ada Jessie Newcombe, of Slough, Buckinghamshire. Row E5. Grave 24. note : Sgt Newcombs headstone is of non standard pattern with matching raised stone border around the plot. It has the following words in lead lettering - In - Loving Memory of - Stanley Thomas Newcombe - Pilot Sgt. RAFVR - Killed on Active Service - Aug. 9th 1940 - Age 23.
Pilot of Master N7177, of 14 FTS, which crashed on a night flight, 1m W of Cranfield.    

938026 Ldg. Aircraftman Jack H. Kissner, Pilot U/T. 7th October 1940, age 23.  Son of Christian Henry Kissner and of Alice Rhoda Kissner, of Northampton. Row E.5. Grave 25.
Killed when Oxford N4729 of 14 FTS, struck a tree and crashed between Turvey and Newton Blossomville
- see Aircraft Crashes Around Turvey 1939-45

78557 Flt. Lt. Thomas M. B. Newton, Pilot. 23rd October 1940, age 44. Row C. Grave 26
note: his headstone is of a non-standard pattern with raised stone surround and a horizontal stone crucifix  in centre. The inscription reads - Flight Lieutenant Thomas Meade Bertram Newton R.A.F.  Passed Over 23rd October 1940 Aged 44 
Circumstances of death not known.

921743 Ldg. Aircraftman Victor W. Harris, Pilot U/T. 11th November 1940, age 21. Son of Walter Harris and of Pauline Harris, of South Ruislip, Middlesex. Row E5. Grave 27.
Killed when Oxford N6292 of 14 FTS spun into ground on approach to forced landing in bad weather 1/2m N of Ryhall, Rutland

1163122 Ldg. Aircraftman Frank G. Harrington, Pilot U/T. 16th December 1940, age 19. Son of Charles Henry and L E M Harrington, of Bordesley Green, Birmingham. Row F6. Grave 21.  
Pilot of Oxford N4736, of 14 FTS, which crashed at Thrift Wood, Marston.
RAF Form 1180 notes  : Cat W (no fire) 1K(solo) Thrift Wood, Marston. Circuits and Landings. Very dark, little horizon. Climbed to 1000’ turned left, as did (formation?) … (cant' read) …Failed to maintain equilibrium by use of instruments. Loss of control in black out probably aggravated by strength and gusting of wind.

623253 Sgt. James Plummer. 2nd June 1947, age 27. Son of Ezra and Anna Plummer; husband of Janna Plummer, of Meeting Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. Row F. Grave 27.
Accidentally drowned in the River Great Ouse at Bromham. His family (wife) lived at Brook Farm.

With thanks to Alan Perrin, May Armstrong and Sheila Ewen for their assistance in this research.

Cranfield (SS Peter and Paul), Bedfordshire
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